Why HomelessConnectCamp?


Barcamps and “unconferences” have proven to be effective models for bringing people together at a grassroots level to talk about issues, raise awareness, brainstorm possible solutions, and organize for action.  We live in San Francisco, a mecca for technology and entrepreneurs, while at the same time a city with one of the highest per-capita homeless populations in the nation.  Given today’s down economy, and a record high state unemployment rate, the number of people homeless in San Francisco is increasing.

We want to bring interested people together to learn about homelessness and brainstorm how we may be able to use technology to connect and raise visibility of the various services existing in the city. Ultimately, we want to address the question:

What can I do?

What can you do?

What can *we* do?

What’s the picture of homelessness in San Francisco today?
According to statistics provided by the San Francisco Homeless Services Coalition:

  • 35,000 people are homeless in the Bay Area.
  • 40% of our homeless are families, most commonly a single mother with several children.
  • 50% of homeless women are victims of domestic violence.
  • Most homeless are “invisible” – sleeping in cars or at friend’s houses.
  • Many homeless children do not go to school.
  • 50% of our homeless are youths under the age of 18.
  • As many as one in every seventy-five people are homeless.
  • In 2008, four homeless shelters closed down due to budget cuts, while demand for shelters increased.

HomelessConnectCamp, a barcamp on homelessness in San Francisco, takes place on February 11th at the Billy Graham Auditorium.  Please join us.  Learn, listen, and take part in a conversation about homelessness in San Francisco.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Official RSVP on EventBrite here.

RSVP on Facebook here.

Follow us on Twitter here.

Photo: Flickr CC – courtesy of BreathtakingPhotos



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2 responses to “Why HomelessConnectCamp?

  1. INCREDIBLE idea and exactly the kind of basic human rights project the sf developer community needs to be working on.

  2. kudos to the guys who came up with the idea…being homeless makes one loose basic human dignity and be subject to various human right abuses by all and sundry

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